Joshua is a member of the Washington State Bar Association and the King County Bar Association. Joshua is also a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates.

Lady justiceJoshua is proud to have been selected as an attorney for Seattle University’s 2016 Low Bono Incubator Program which provides mentorship and support for attorneys who seek to represent clients of moderate means. He also has the distinguished honor to be the first David Leen Consumer Justice Incubator Attorney to help clients with consumer law issues, such as debt and foreclosure.


For several years, Joshua has demonstrated a commitment and passion for social justice. When he completed his Juris Doctorate cum laude from Seattle University in 2015, Joshua received the Pro Bono Pledge Outstanding Service Award for over 200 hours of work. As a law student, Joshua also served as a Senior Staff Editor for the Seattle Journal for Social Justice.

Dedicated to supporting and protecting the rights of those in need, Joshua has served with a variety of organizations such as

  • Legal Voice (Seattle, WA) to pursue justice for all women and girls, including LGBT rights, domestic violence, and equality and employment issues
  • The Youth Advocacy Clinic (Seattle University School of Law) to represent juveniles in court
  • Government Accountability Project (Washington, DC) to protect whistle-blowers, who are often ostracized and alienated
  • Moderate Means Program (Seattle, WA) to assist low-income families in Washington state find affordable legal help
  • People for the American Way (Washington, DC) to research and advocate issues such as voter ID legislation

Sidebar the Podcast

In his free time, Joshua also hosts a podcast about contemporary legal issues. If you’re interested in politics and legal controversies, check out Sidebar at http://sidebarthepodcast.wordpress.com.

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