Low-Bono Representation

Joshua Turnham is a solo practicing attorney who focuses on consumer protection and consumer law. He strongly believes in providing affordable legal services to those who need it, which is why he uses a sliding scale fee structure. Most “traditional” law firms charge anywhere from $300 to $650 an hour. This creates a two-tiered justice system where the wealthiest people can afford legal representation and the 60% majority who live at the moderate means level of income or lower are left to navigate the complex legal system alone. Instead of charging a high, fixed hourly rate, Joshua bases his fees on his clients’ income and works hard to keep costs down.

If you work with Joshua, he will do his best to provide compassionate services while handling your legal needs at an affordable rate. Contact Joshua to schedule a free half-hour consultation to discuss your legal issues.

Consumer Protection:

  • Debt Defense (medical, credit card, student loan, etc.)
  • Foreclosure Mediation
  • Bankruptcy

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